Expert in repairs and renovations

Respo Repair has its own research laboratory where we extensively test our products and techniques in different circumstances. 
Our repair process starts with cleaning the damage (dents, scratches, creases, etc.), so that we can be sure that our quality products will adhere well and this also ensures that the damage cannot get any greater.
We also make sure that in case of bending, the element is straightened as well.
Our in-house developed product "Respo mix" is a very powerful 2-component adhesive that we can make on colour. All our repair techniques are based on this innovative product.
Afterwards, we fill in the unevenness with our Respomix based products (extra properties depending on the choice of material) and let them harden.
Then we make sure that everything is polished even again. And as a finishing coat, we use our high-quality paints to obtain the right colour, if this has not yet been achieved.

Repairs and renovations, as good as new

We can't give you a new door, window, bath, ... but with a limited investment we deliver you the look of new.
You don't have to sacrifice your strength either, because the products we use, we guarantee the strength of your material.
If we cannot guarantee the strength of your material, we will not start our repairs.
We only want to deliver quality.

We repair almost everything!

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