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Invest in anti-slip and realize an immediate added value for your safety. Especially ground surfaces that often become slippery in combination with wet, such as in the bathroom and on the terrace, can pose a danger of slips and falls. You should therefore opt for the good custom-made anti-slip solutions from Respo Repair. With, among others, our anti-slip for sanitary facilities, anti-slip Safety Floor and anti-slip mats, we ensure an effective result.

Invest in your safety and choose anti-slip

By investing in anti-slip floors you increase your safety. Especially for the elderly and children, a fall can happen quickly and the investment in anti-slip can be of great added value. With good anti-slip applications, you regain grip on the surface, accidents can be prevented and safety is guaranteed. In addition, an anti-slip floor is very maintenance-friendly and a floor with an anti-slip layer is very easy to clean. A quality anti-slip layer is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and durable so that you are good with it for a long time. In addition, the anti-slip layer can also serve as extra protection for the surface. So plenty of reasons to also invest in anti-slip.

Where is anti-slip most often used in the home?

One of the places in our home where we most need anti-slip is the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the places in the home where most falls occur. When water and soap combine to end up in the shower tray, bathtub or on the bathroom tiles, they can turn into a veritable slide. But with the right anti-slip applications, accidents can be avoided. With anti-slip, your tiles, bathtub and shower tray will never be slippery again when they get wet, so you can enjoy them in comfort and safety. But also the terrace is an interesting place to provide anti-slip. More and more often we go outside and the terrace is a great added value for our home. In autumn and winter, however, our terrace can become quite slippery as soon as it gets wet. With the right anti-slip application, slipping is prevented.

Anti-skid layer for a safe floor

The Safety Floor technique makes floors anti-slip by applying an anti-slip liquid that creates an anti-slip layer on the tiles. Because small grains are processed into the thin antiskid layer, relief is created which makes the chance of slipping much more difficult. The anti-slip function only comes into play as soon as the floor gets wet. In addition, the anti-slip layer is invisible because the liquid is transparent, which ensures that the anti-slip effect is not visible and the tiled floor does not change visually. But also the bathtub or shower tray can become slippery as soon as they get wet. The Safety Floor technique can therefore be applied perfectly to the bottoms of bathtubs and shower trays. The great advantage here is again that it is effective but does not affect the visual aspect and is therefore not visually noticeable.

The convenience of anti-slip mats

Non-slip mats provide a quick and easy solution to prevent slipping. Non-slip mats are easily applied, both to tiles and wood. In addition, they are also perfect as a temporary solution, are easy to replace and maintain. In addition, anti-slip mats can also be easily provided to size, which makes anti-slip mats a very popular and much requested application. With anti-slip mats or an anti-slip layer on the bathroom floor and the terrace, these are immediately made a lot safer.

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