Installing Safety Floor

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Through the Safety Floor process, Respo Repair has a unique product with which existing floors can be made non-slip. Tiled floors or concrete floors are made anti-slip by etching.
Safetyfloor is a transparent liquid that gives the right non-slip effect after installation on the tiles. Tiles are not dangerous when dry. The smoothness occurs when tiles get wet. Safety Floor's non-slip effect occurs when the floor is wet.
Many authorities are obliged to deliver floors with a roughness that is expressed in R values. In almost all cases, Safety Floor complies with this roughness.
Visually no change
The big advantage of Safety Floor is that visually almost nothing changes to your current tiled floor. It is therefore difficult to show a good illustration of an untreated and a treated floor. 
Sanitary enamels
The bottom of an enamel bath or shower tray is smooth. The Safety Floor process works excellently on the bases of enamelled baths and shower trays.
Safety Floor on a tiled floor or gallery floor is ready for use immediately after installation.

Also install a Safety Floor for everyone's safety. Even with a non-slip coating, non-slip floor and non-slip tiles, you can take care because an accident can happen too quickly. 

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