Installing anti-slip coatings

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Smooth floors are everyday. Tile, concrete or wood substrates can become bacon smooth in combination with water. Surfaces that are outside can become extra slippery due to weather conditions.
The non-slip coating on Safetyfloor floors is a coating that has proven itself over the years. Making existing tiles / concrete or wooden substrates non-slip has a lot of attention.
For many years, Respo Repair Service has been processing non-slip coatings for indoor and outdoor use. Safetyfloor coating is mostly used on stairs, gallery floors, decks and bridges. With the Safetyfloor coating of Respo Repair accidents can be prevented.
Go safe and also choose a non-slip floor and anti-slip tiles. With a non-slip coating of Safetyfloor, slipping is a thing of the past.

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