No falls this winter with our non-slip Safety Floor

The dark days are here again and with them come the rain and other cold wet weather, resulting in slippery roads and paths. Do you also want to ensure that falls have no chance? Then come and discover the many anti-slip options at Respo Repair, such as the inexpensive Safety Floor.

With autumn on its way and winter on its way, wet surfaces are still too often the cause of various painful slides and falls. Prevention is still better than cure and this is where our anti-slip workings play an important role. So choose our smart anti-slip solutions and prevent your terrace, path, floor or bath from becoming the scene of accidents which can be so easily avoided.

The anti-slip solutions at Respo Repair offer long durability and high quality. Once you have experienced the ease and effectiveness of our Safety Floor, you are guaranteed to be convinced of its added value. In addition to installing a non-slip Safety Floor, Respo Repair offers numerous other options. For example, anti-slip coatings are also an option, as are anti-slip mats and anti-slip strips, supplemented with specific anti-slip solutions for bathrooms. These various anti-slip possibilities are always geared to the needs and applications.

With the Safety Floor, an elegant solution is chosen that is actually as good as invisible. This technique offers the possibility of making any type of surface anti-slip by means of a transparent liquid that, once applied to the tiles, gives an anti-slip effect when made wet. Especially now that it is getting wetter and more slippery outside, our anti-slip applications are much in demand for the paths along and to the house, as well as for the terraces. With our Safety Floor techniques, your home remains accessible and you can continue to enjoy getting together with family and friends around the fire. So keep those cold and wet days coming.