Have your bath repaired by Respo Repair

Take a look at the possibilities for bath repairs

Holes in your bathtub? Cracks in your bathtub? Scratches, dents, dents, folds or indentations that disfigure your beautiful bath? A bathtub can sometimes get damaged quickly, an accident is often in a small corner and certainly during renovations something can end up on the bathtub. Common sanitary damage is cracks, holes, cracks and broken pieces. Don't get stuck with it any longer, but ask Respo Repair to repair your bath.

Several small sanitary repairs are possible

Respo Repair easily repairs various bath damages. To repair your bath, you can contact Respo Repair for acrylic bath repairs, enamel bath repairs, quaryl bath repairs and synthetic marble bath repairs. So if you have a notch in your enamel bath or a crack in your acrylic bathtub, don't hesitate any longer and contact Respo Repair.

But we can also repair major damage to your bath

As a specialised company in sanitary repairs, we can also solve large cracks for you. Also for larger repairs to your bath you can contact Respo Repair. With our experience in repairing bathtubs and baths, we also help to remove deeper scratches without any problem. With our professional repairs most sanitary repairs are possible. 


Quick service guaranteed, both when repairing a bath as well as renovating a bath 

Based on your description of the damage, preferably accompanied by photographs, we can quickly provide you with an offer and we will then visit you to carry out the work. Respo Repair repairs plumbing of various materials and brands. By enamelling a bath, a bath can easily be repaired. So if you would like to repair the enamel in your bath or repair other sanitary damage, please contact Respo Repair quickly.

Away with annoying unsightly sanitary damage

We will be happy to help you repair and renovate your bath. Respo Repair's sanitary repairs are both cost effective and durable. With our bath repairs we make your bath look brand new again. Our professionals always use reliable repair material to achieve a qualitative result. Here we take into account the original materials used, so that the bath repairs are as close as possible to the original and they are virtually invisible. In this way you no longer have to annoy yourself with that annoying unsightly sanitary damage.

We repair your bath in no time

When we come by to repair sanitary damage, we will first inspect the damage. It is important that the damaged area has been cleaned properly. Then we determine which product and composition we can best use to repair the damage. The original material and the original colour of the bath will be taken into account. After the repair has cured well, we need to sand the surface nice and smooth with sandpaper. Finally, the surface regains its high gloss by polishing it. During the polishing process we always strive to achieve the right degree of gloss. Also interested in how Respo Repair can help you? Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.